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1) Check the daily Fortnite Shop Skin rotation.

2) Vote for your favourite daily skin.

3) Discover upcoming/leaked skins.

4) Check the Skin Rarity table.

5) Upload Usermade Skin Concepts.

6) Vote for Usermade Skin Concepts.

7) Check Fortnite News.

8) A Searchable List of All Fortnite Skins.

9) See 3D Models of Fortnite Skins !

10) Individual Skin pages with youtube videos, 3D models and more !

11) Check Weekly Challenges !

12) Weapons stats table, Consumables stats table and Traps stats table !

13) Occurences for each Skin !

14) Occurrences Table !

15) Backbling/Outfit Combinations 3D Visualizer !


15th August 2018 -- Version 1.5

1) 3D Backbling/Outfit Combinatinos visualizer is now live in alpha with 43 Outfits and 68 Backblings !

26th July 2018 -- Version 1.4

1) Occurrences for each Skin
2) Occurrences Table
3) Weapons Stats Table
4) Consumables Stats Table
5) Traps Stats Table
6) Search functionality for 3D Models based on Rarity and Type
7) Added 22 3D models and animations

18th July 2018 -- Version 1.3

1) Individual pages for each Skin !
2) Indvidual pages contain a 3D Model, a related Youtube Video to see the Skin in action as well as a comments section !
3) Additional 3D Models uploaded for a total of 61 !
4) New Homepage !
5) 3D Showcase for the Leaked page with all leaked/upcoming 3D skins of the page!
6) Added challenges to the "News" section.

8th July 2018 -- Version 1.2

1) New Logo
2) New 3D Section: view 3D Models of Fortnite Skins !

25th June 2018 -- Version 1.1

1) Added News section
2) Added Usermade section
3) You can now upload Usermade Skin Concepts
4) You can now vote for Usermade Skin Concepts
5) Added Quick Share Buttons
6) Added All Skins Searchable List

19th June 2018 -- Version 1.0

Now Live !

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