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1200 v-bucks
First seen: 16-12-18
Last seen: 18-03-19
Occurrences: 4
3.76 avg. stars / 201 votes
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The Longshot Fortnite skin is the male counterpart of the Insight skin. The skin features a soldier in a dark colored suit whilst wearing what appears to be a flak jacket. The skin also featured some type of mask with spec ops goggles, and has a orange camoflauge sniper hood. This skin comes with a Back Bling called Scope Satchel.

Longshot PNG and featured image

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Date Days ago Price
18-03-19 34 days ago 1,200
07-02-19 73 days ago 1,200
17-12-18 125 days ago 1,200
16-12-18 126 days ago 1,200