The trailer for Fortnite Season 10 has been leaked online!

Epic released the fourth and final teaser for Fortnite season 10 under an hour ago. The teaser shows Jonesy near the orb at Loot Lake which suddenly explodes. The end of the short teaser video shows Jonesy trying to run away and cuts off there.

Fortnite Brazil have tweeted the entire Fortnite Season 10 trailer by accident likely due to the fact the teaser and the full trailer start in the same way.

Dataminers ShiinaBR and Lucas7Yoshi were the first to post the full trailer, and you can see the trailer below. It goes without saying that this will spoil Season 10, so don't watch if you want to wait until tomorrow to watch the trailer:

As you can see, Jonesy is thrust into space and can see objects from previous seasons. He then falls out of space and back onto the map near Dusty Depot, suggesting the map will change back to what we had before season 4.