Fortnite Season 9 comes to an end tomorrow. Here's all the Fortbyte locations.

Epic Games introduced Fortbyte challenges to Fortnite Battle Royale right at the start of Season 9. Fortbytes are computer chips that are collected by completing the challenges.

The Fortbyte challenges vary, some can require players to complete a certain number of weekly challenges whilst other challenges require players to locate the Fortbytes in-game.

Some challenges even require players to wear certain cosmetics in order to unlock and collect a Fortbyte.

When 90 Fortbytes are collected, players unlock the Singularity skin, which is the season 9 secret skin. There's a lot of players who are yet to collect all of the Fortbytes, so we've got a cheat sheet with all the Fortbyte locations thanks to The Squating Dog, which can be seen below:

Fortbytes locations cheat sheet map