Free Merry Mint Axe (Minty Axe) Code Quiz #1

Due to the amount of people looking to get their hands on a Merry Mint Pickaxe code, or as some people call it the Minty axe, we've decided to release some quizzes with the reward being a Merry Mint pickaxe code. In order to quality, you must score 80% or more on the quiz. Those who score 80% or more will then be in with a chance to get a merry mint axe code for free. You can retake the quiz if you get less than 80% PLEASE NOTE: Completing the Quiz WILL NOT give you a merry mint axe code, those who score 80% or more will then be entered for a chance to win. We WILL be doing these at LEAST twice a week, so at least three codes will be up for grabs per week. Winners are messaged either on Discord or email!



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